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Why Isn’t Your Website Converting?

Conversion Tips

Many business owners believe they can create a website and customers will immediately begin buying their products or requesting their services. However, even if you have a substantial amount of traffic on your site brought by SEO, social media marketing, or word of mouth; it doesn’t mean those visitors will convert into customers.

When your site is not converting, you are not making money. So how do you remedy the problem? Here are some of the most common mistakes we see and how you can fix these errors to improve your conversion rate.

You’re not allowing your users to convert
Look at your website to see how many opportunities are presented for a user to convert. It’s possible your users want to convert, but simply can’t because they don’t know what you want them to do or they can’t find where to convert.

Make it easy for the users who visit your site to convert by placing conversion opportunities in many places including the header, footer, or throughout the page as a button.

Your site is not user-friendly
If you’ve noticed an abnormally high bounce rate, it’s possible your site is prompting users to leave before getting to your conversion opportunities. Maybe your navigation is too complicated, or you have too many ads and not enough information. You want to ensure your site is not only aesthetically pleasing but user-friendly as well. You can use heat maps and other analytics tools to see where users drop off your website and how you can fix it to keep them there.

Your users are distracted

This is a mistake many companies make. It’s important to only place valuable information on your page and leave out unnecessary images, text, and other items that could be distracting. You don’t want your users to feel so overwhelmed that they leave before finalizing the conversion process or understanding how your company can help them.

Your web copy is weak
Web copy plays a significant role in a high conversion rate. Just like your website’s design and navigation is important, so is your content. When creating web copy for your site, do it in a clear and concise way that’s easy for a reader to understand. If your users are giving up after reading a few words, you’ll want to focus on getting your message across in a better way. Typically, consumers like to scan a web page for information. Including appropriate subheads, bullet points, and other easy-to-scan content can help improve conversion rates.

If any of these problems apply to you, it’s necessary you address them as soon as possible. Every time you lose a conversion, you miss the opportunity to gain more customers and grow your business. Put in the time, effort, and resources needed to make the proper corrections to your site so you can start earning money from your inbound traffic.

It’s important to remember that optimizing for conversions is never just a one-time process. You will need to continually pay attention to your metrics to learn about your audience and make gradual adjustments to improve your site. If you need help in making your website more profitable, contact Web Solutions of America at 407-636-4233 for a free analysis of your website or to discuss your website’s visibility.