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Why Link Building is No Longer Relevant for SEO

When Google was first released, there were simple tricks you could use to get to the top of the rankings in the blink of an eye. The key to almost all of these quick methods for ranking on Google involved some form of link building. Years ago, you could buy up a bunch of different domains to use as link farms to boost your site. Later, marketers figured out a slightly more sophisticated way to surge up the search rankings by using link wheels. This involved building a few high-quality websites and implanting links to the other sites within each one, creating a cycle or wheel.

The problem is that Google doesn’t like being tricked by link building. They value genuine links highly for creating the Page Rankings, so when they catch marketers trying to exploit the holes in their algorithm, they impose a ranking “death penalty.” The pages using the above methods (just to name a couple) lose all of their rankings if they are caught, which obviously has drastic consequences on website traffic. 

Backlinks are critical for Google because they show which sites are most liked by users. Google’s goal is to locate you the most relevant, best possible information you are searching for, and if a lot of reputable sites and publications are linking to your page, they will rank it highly. On the other side, spamming links on website comment sections will get you nowhere, since Google will perceive that they are low-quality links. So, getting organic links is the only way to work within their system to avoid any penalties.

The #1 tip for ranking well is and will remain (as far as we can tell) creating high-quality content. If you focus on building a quality website first which is actually helpful to people, you have a better chance of your readers posting a link to you on their websites or blogs. Google explicitly says to write for users and not their search engine, and it would be foolish to ignore their own advice for ranking higher. Use organic SEO campaigns to give users helpful information which gets them to stay on your site and share the link. This will not only help you rank higher, but it will also boost your reputation in the eyes of consumers.

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