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Why Some SEOs Consider a Name Change

There are frequent discussions in the SEO industry that SEO is dead, but this is only assumed by those who refuse to change. Old SEO tactics like blog commenting to build links and keyword-stuffing unoriginal content is certainly dead, but other SEO strategies have emerged and these produce great results. Not to mention that SEO is now much more than link building and content production.

In other words SEO is very much alive.

However the title “SEO” isn’t always greeted with positivity. Many correlate SEO with spamming because we send emails asking for links and in the past, posted blog comments for the sole purpose of attaining a link.

Even though much of today’s SEO tactics encourage SEOs to reach out and build actual relationships, any attempt to promote ones business over the internet is unfortunately still often seen as spam.

The fact that SEO is dead to some and that it can be viewed as spammy aren’t the only reasons why some SEOs consider a name change. Let’s be honest, how many people are clueless about your profession when you say you’re an SEO? Their first question is probably “What does SEO stand for? After you reply with “search engine optimization,” they probably say, “Oh cool, what’s that?”

There isn’t a degree for SEO. It’s just something that peaks your interest and you happen to fall into it. People aren’t talking about SEO like they are engineering, business, or economics. It’s a relatively unknown field to many and a name change may give others a better understanding of what it is that we do.

So what’s the alternative to SEO?

Some are calling themselves internet marketers, online strategists, and internet analysts. Although these titles don’t detail what SEO is all about, they at least give people the understanding that we evaluate internet trends to help businesses.

The Evolution of SEO

SEO today isn’t anywhere near what it used to be five years ago. Google has released several major algorithm updates that have completely changed SEO forever. Each year SEOs are asked to do more and it begs the question if the title SEO truly represents all that we do.

In the past SEOs focused on keyword research, basic link building strategies, and content created solely for the purpose of keywords. With a few on-site adjustments to title tags you could easily rank a website. However all that has changed in recent years thanks to Google’s constant quest to improve their search engine results.

Today SEOs are tasked with keyword research, building brands, reputation management, social media, sophisticated link building strategies, and the generation of high quality content. The bar has been raised extremely high and ranking websites is significantly harder than it used to be.

In addition, the competition for space on the internet is extremely tough.

The Fight for SEO

A lot of SEOs are against the idea of any name change and for good reason. SEO has come a long way from its initial beginnings and there is no reason to throw it all away. It’s become an industry of its own and there was a lot of work done to get SEO where it is today.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever considered a title change?