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Why You Need to Put Mobile First

Today’s consumer is savvy and tech-enabled. They are on a wide range of devices that include PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and even smart televisions. But the majority now use their mobile devices at home and on-the-go to find local vendors, research products and service providers, look up business reviews, communicate on social media, and much more. These mobile device users expect companies to be responsive to their preferred method of internet access. If not, they’ll go elsewhere – and that means your business suffers.

Optimizing for Mobile Stops You from Losing Traffic

A good user experience (UX) increases the time a visitor spends on your website, while a bad UX sends them away in droves. Failure to optimize your website for mobile use detrimentally impacts navigation, loading speed, page structure and design, and the overall experience that your visitor has on your site. But a responsive website delivers what your customers are looking for, a smooth transition on any device. It encourages them to stay to look around and buy.

Mobile Optimization Helps Your Ranking

You need your website to rank high on searches for keywords that pertain to your business. But that won’t happen if your website isn’t designed for mobile device users. Mobile responsiveness is a direct search engine ranking factor. Loading time, which can also be impacted on a mobile device if your website is not mobile friendly, also impacts your ranking. These combined factors are vital to earning a spot at the top of relevant web searches for your business.

Let Us Help You Put Mobile First

If you recognize how essential it is to put mobile first in your website design, our experts at Web Solutions of America are ready and able to deliver. We create responsive, state-of-the-art websites designed to give mobile users the experience they seek from online vendors and service providers. Our responsive websites allow your visitors to move seamlessly across devices, ensuring that they can both find and navigate your site with ease, no matter where they’re surfing. Contact us at 407-636-4233 today to discuss your website needs with our design professionals.