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Why Your Website Needs a Blog

Many companies have a website and social media accounts, but still have yet to add a blog to their site. There are many reasons to have a blog, not the least of which is that it helps SEO. An informative blog will establish your company as a credible source. Blogs also help a company to attract and engage with customers.

Blogs Help SEO

In order for a blog to be helpful for your website, the content should be relevant to the website’s purpose. If your business is air conditioner repair, then the blog should focus on air conditioning related topics. Search engines favor sites that are updated frequently and have relevant content. The more fresh content on your site about topics that are relevant to what you do, the more search engines will consider you a credible source on the subject. This will make your website more likely to rank high in search engine results.

In addition to search engines finding your site credible, a blog will make current and potential customers consider you credible as well. Many people do research on a topic online before spending money. If someone has questions regarding which new air conditioner to get and they come across your blog post on determining the best air conditioner for you, then you’ve gotten them to your site, and your business name in their head, early in their purchasing decision process. If they find your information useful, this could turn into a sale.

Blogs Engage Customers

Customers will also be able to interact with you if you allow comments on your blogs. This can be tricky, because unfortunately blog comments frequently contain spam links. A way around this is to allow people to comment, but only allow the comments you approve to be shown on the site. This way, the people who are legitimately contributing to the conversation will still feel as though they were heard. Even better would be to respond to blog comments to keep the conversation going.

Customers who feel as though they have interacted positively with a company are more likely to feel a sense of brand loyalty. While many companies also engage and interact with customers through social media, the SEO benefits of having active participation on a frequently updated blog are far greater. You can also share more detailed information about your company on a blog than on a social media post. Of course social media marketing still has its place, in fact the two can often go hand-in-hand. When you have a new blog post, link it to your social media accounts with an enticing description that will make your followers want to read it.

Blogs to Target Niches

Blog posts will allow you to target more specific niches and geographies that may not be targeted on the website. If there are smaller towns around the major city where you live, or a product that may not be your number one seller, a blog is a great place to give these things attention. This way you have a better chance at catching someone who searches for that product or your services in their suburb. From blog posts you can also link to pages within your website, giving lesser visited or more niche pages a boost.

A blog is an important component to any successful website. Blogs should be updated at least once a week with articles that are approximately 500 words.  Do not be nervous about having to generate this content, just keep it relevant and write about what your company does. You can also use events in the news for inspiration. From here you will boost your website’s search engine rankings and engage new customers.