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YouTube Continues Cracking Down on Duplicate Content

YouTube monetization and partnership changes have been the source of much discussion in recent years, with some content creators complaining that YouTube guidelines are too strict to allow them to continue generating revenue with the video-hosting giant.

That trend of closely monitoring and curating content continues with YouTube now removing channels from their partnership program for publishing content deemed to be duplicated.

Channels being removed from YouTube’s partnership program is nothing new, as it can happen for violating any of their policies – but duplication is an issue new to many content creators.

What does YouTube consider to be duplicate content? Duplication includes not only copyright violation, but a number of other factors surrounding originality as well.

Their goal is to make it such that only content that brings its own originality and relevance can be monetized, but there are cases where re-purposed content falls into that category.

Content that has been altered to include original narration, quality editing, or additional educational value can still be monetized according to YouTube’s guidelines.

Examples of content that will be flagged as duplicate:

  • Anything automatically generated and uploaded to a channel
  • Content posted from other sources with no changes made
  • Content created that attempts to dishonestly evade YouTube’s copyright detection resources

If your channel is removed, all hope is not lost. Channels that are removed from partnership because of duplicate content are able to remove or revise the flagged content to bring the channel into compliance with YouTube’s guidelines.

Removed channels can reapply for partnership 30 days after rectifying their content issue.